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Pehlin Kings – koncert u Tunelu / concert in Tunel

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PEHLIN KINGS, Tunel Bar, Školjić 12, Photo by Tanja Kanazir

1. 10. / 21 – 24 h / Tunel Bar, Školjić 12
PEHLIN KINGS (HRV) – Koncert / Concert

Koncertom Pehlin Kingsa spajamo se s jednodnevnim događanjem Odsjeka za kulturalne studije, Bakanalije – baka nije odavde, a uz kulinarske poslastice manjinskih zajednica pomičemo se bliže programskoj liniji Kuhinja – Centar za kreativne migracije.


With the concert of Pehlin Kings, we connect with the one-day event of the Department of Cultural Studies titled Bachannalia – Grandma Is Not From Here and with the culinary delights of the national minorities, we shift closely to Rijeka 2020 program titled Kitchen – the Center for Creative Migration Flagship.

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Video from Moja Rijeka

Photos by Tanja Kanazir


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