Spajalica > Copula

Art interventions in public space, MMSU Rijeka

Spajalica/Copula – Talks and lectures

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9/5 and 10/5, 3pm – 6pm, Mali salon
9/5  Topic: Are public spaces common?
Andreja Kulunčić, Zagreb
Raumlabor – Axel Timm, Berlin
Siniša Labrović, Zagreb
Valentina Zrnić Gulin, Zagreb
Zona 00 – Nina Sindičić, Rijeka

10/5 Topic: Do we have time for leisure?
Aaron Schuster, Berlin
Archisquad, Zagreb
Tina Peraica, Zagreb
Kruno Jošt and Maja Kohek, Varaždin

15/5  at 7pm,  Mali salon
Suzana Marjanić, Nature in/of art of performance

Talks and lectures – abstracts of presentations:

EU“With the support of the Culture Programme of the European Union”


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