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katze und krieg
Stephane Querrec

Katze und Krieg, Gold Everywhere, performance
30/4 and 2/5, Start in front of MMSU’s entrance at 12 am

Katze und Krieg, Zlato posvuda, performans
30.04. i 02.05., Start pred ulazom u MMSU u 12 sati

photo: katze und krieg – Birth of paradise, Erlangen 2009

katze und krieg

Stephane Querrec, Gossip, performance
20/5, Korzo pedestrian zone at 4pm

Stephane Querrec, Tračanje, performans
20.05., Korzo u 16 sati


In the performance GOLD EVERYWHERE, the katze und krieg duo perform usual actions like walking, shopping or eating in a curious choreography, using exaggeration and fictionalisation of time intervals of motion. They focus on the generally accepted daily urban dynamics and defy it with unusual slowing down and speeding up. Dressed in lavishly crazy and old-fashioned dresses, katze und krieg walk between the shopping mall and Korzo, establishing a rhythm of their own to which one cannot remain indifferent. Some passers-by feel provoked in the speeding daily routine. Other curiously stop and watch. Some confusedly film them with their mobile phones in order to record the curious scene. The event takes place as a clash between two worlds, between spectacle and sudden leisure, urban nervousness and relax, between provocation and invitation to play…

Stéphane Querrec is in Rijeka on the Kamov residency programme. In the public space he will present the performance GOSSIP mirroring his experience of Rijeka and communication with citizens. Fragile spots in social relations, matters of pleasance and (in)ability to communicate significantly characterise his work. As working material Querrec uses speech acts and unusual verbal situations. His “recitation” is performed on the fine line between staging and what we would call “natural” communication, between how we wish to present ourselves in public and what slips by accident as a less desired effect.

The Kamov Residency Programme, Rijeka


logo_sc_2     Spajalica je dio projekta SOFTCONTROL,

EU      With the support of the Culture Programme of the European Union


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